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The Futuristic Power Solutions

Powering the Future with Heelion Power Solutions

Welcome to Heelion Power Solutions, your trusted partner for futuristic power solutions. As industry leaders, we specialize in a range of power management services and products, ensuring your business operations are efficient, sustainable, and resilient.

Why Heelion Power Solutions?

Over the past two years, our venture has blossomed under the guidance of our team of three highly skilled professionals. Each one of us brings to the table an impressive skill set honed from over twenty years of experience in the UPS industry.

Our roots are firmly planted in our past experiences working as dealers with eminent multinational companies, building a foundation of invaluable expertise.

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Our customer segments

We’re proud to serve a diverse range of sectors, each with their unique power needs. From residential homes to commercial establishments, we ensure reliable power is always within your grasp.

Whether you’re a bustling hospital, an innovative IT company, a vibrant theater, a dynamic industry, a fast-paced printing or media house, an educational institution, or a meticulous lab, we’ve got your power needs covered. Our solutions are designed to be as unique as your power requirements, ensuring we provide the most efficient and reliable power solutions for your operations.

But we don’t stop there. We also cater to a network of dealers and sub-dealers, making our top-notch power solutions accessible to a broader market. Our robust supply chain means we’re always ready to meet B2B and B2C needs with promptness and professionalism.

Choose Heelion Power Solutions, where every sector, every business, every individual can find the power solution they need.

Experience the power of diversity with us today.


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