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Our commitment to quality, innovation, and the environment are intrinsic to everything we do, from the design stage through to installation and follow-up services.

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Best Online UPS system Supplier Ernakulam

UPS - Uninterruptible power supplies

Customer Segment: Hospitals, IT Companies, Theaters, Industries, Printing, Media, Schools, Colleges, Labs, etc…

B2B Segment: We also supply UPS to Dealers and Sub Dealers, and to B2B and B2C

Single Phase UPS: Range from 1 KVA – 20 KVA (with Isolation Transformer and without Isolation Transformer)

Three Phase UPS: Range from 10 KVA – 7000 KVA (with Isolation Transformer and without Isolation Transformer)

Power disruptions can cause critical losses to your operations. At Heelion Power Solutions, we offer Online Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems to ensure seamless power continuity and protect your sensitive equipment.

Single Phase UPS (1 KVA – 20 KVA): Ideal for smaller operations and home offices, our single-phase UPS systems offer a reliable backup power solution. These systems protect against power fluctuations, providing stable, uninterrupted power to your critical devices.

Three Phase UPS (10 KVA – 7000 KVA): For larger operations and commercial facilities, we offer three-phase UPS systems. These units provide higher power levels and are designed to handle more complex electrical loads, ensuring uninterrupted power even in demanding environments.

Both our single and three-phase UPS systems are online, meaning they provide an electrical firewall between incoming utility power and your sensitive equipment. They constantly convert incoming AC power to DC, and back to AC, delivering clean, stable, and reliable power.

Whether it’s a single or three-phase requirement, trust Heelion Power Solutions to deliver an Online UPS system tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your operations never miss a beat.


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Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer (SCVS)

Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer (SCVS)

Customer Segment: Industrial and Residential, Range 1KVA to 3500 KVA, both single phase and three Phase

At Heelion Power Solutions, we recognize that stable voltage supply is critical to the seamless operations of various industries. Unstable voltage can cause not only disruptions to work processes, but it can also lead to damage of sensitive equipment and machinery, resulting in costly downtime and repairs.

To address this issue, we implement Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers (SCVS) as a part of our comprehensive power solutions. These advanced stabilizers continuously monitor the input voltage fluctuations and control variations to deliver consistent and reliable output voltage. Regardless of the unpredictability of the input, an SCVS ensures your systems receive steady voltage, thereby maximizing their functionality and lifespan.

These SCVS technology is ideal for a wide range of applications, from domestic use to commercial and industrial environments. This includes hospitals, telecommunication sectors, IT industries, and more, where even minor voltage instability can cause significant operational issues.

In addition to providing stability, our SCVS units contribute to energy efficiency. By maintaining optimal voltage, they ensure your machinery and equipment operate at their highest efficiency levels, reducing energy waste and contributing to cost savings.

At Heelion Power Solutions, our commitment to using advanced technologies like Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers is part of our dedication to offering you the most reliable, efficient, and forward-thinking solutions. By ensuring voltage stability, we help protect your equipment, streamline your operations, and boost your overall productivity.

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Smart Rack Solution for Data Center

Datacenter Racks and Containment

Customer Segment: IT Consultants, End customer and commercial only

Heelion Power Solutions understands the crucial role that effective organization and secure containment play in datacenter operations. We employ advanced Datacenter Racks and Containment solutions to enhance the efficiency, security, and reliability of your data management infrastructure.

Datacenter Racks: We utilize racks designed to house and organize your critical network and server equipment. These racks not only facilitate easy access and maintenance but also ensure optimal airflow for heat dissipation, thereby contributing to the longevity of your equipment.

Containment Solutions: Our datacenter containment solutions manage airflow to ensure efficient cooling. By isolating hot and cold air streams, these solutions prevent equipment overheating, increasing energy efficiency, and ultimately extending the lifespan of your vital datacenter hardware.

At Heelion Power Solutions, we know that successful datacenter operations require more than just power stability – they need intelligent organization and effective thermal management. With our rack and containment solutions, we’re committed to enhancing the performance and lifespan of your datacenter infrastructure.

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Precision Air Conditioning for Achieving Optimal Cooling Precision

Precision Air Conditioning

Customer Segment: IT Consultants, End customer and commercial only

We recognize the importance of precise temperature control in datacenters and other sensitive environments. To address this, we incorporate Precision Air Conditioning (PAC) into our suite of services.

Precision Air Conditioning: PAC units provide temperature control with unmatched accuracy, critical for environments like datacenters where even slight temperature fluctuations can impact performance. PAC systems maintain optimal temperatures, ensuring your hardware functions at its peak, enhancing longevity and reliability.

Humidity Control: PAC systems also manage humidity levels, crucial for preventing corrosion and other moisture-related damage to your equipment. These systems create an optimal balance, fostering an ideal operating environment for your high-value hardware.

With our Precision Air Conditioning solutions, Heelion Power Solutions offers more than cooling – we deliver peace of mind, knowing your equipment operates under optimal conditions, safeguarding your operations, and contributing to your business’s success.

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Power Distribution Unit Installation Ernakulam Kochi

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Customer Segment: IT Consultants, End customer and commercial only

Effective power distribution is at the heart of reliable and efficient datacenter operations. At Heelion Power Solutions, we utilize Power Distribution Units (PDU) to deliver enhanced power management solutions.

Power Distribution Units: Our PDUs are integral in providing a safe and organized way to distribute power to various components within a datacenter. They ensure power supply reaches your equipment uniformly and efficiently.

Monitoring Capabilities: Many of our PDUs come with advanced features like remote monitoring, allowing you to keep track of power consumption and load balance. This real-time insight helps in optimizing power usage and preventing overload conditions.

Through the use of Power Distribution Units, Heelion Power Solutions ensures not only that your equipment receives the power it needs, but that the process is manageable, efficient, and tailored to your unique operational requirements.

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Surge Protection Devices (SPD) for Safeguarding Your Systems installation provider in Ernakulam

Surge Protection Devices (SPD)

Customer Segment: Residential

Electrical surges can cause significant damage to sensitive electronic equipment. At Heelion Power Solutions, we mitigate these risks by incorporating Surge Protection Devices (SPD) in our power management solutions.

Surge Protection Devices: Our SPDs are designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. They limit the voltage supplied to an electric device by blocking or shorting any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold, thus preventing damage and maintaining the longevity of your equipment.

Continuous Protection: SPDs provide continuous protection against transient over voltages, making them a critical element in safeguarding your systems from power fluctuations and ensuring seamless operations.

With the use of Surge Protection Devices, Heelion Power Solutions bolsters the resilience of your electronic systems, ensuring they can withstand potential voltage spikes, enhancing their lifespan, and ensuring the continuity of your operations.

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Solar system installation service in Kochi Ernakulam

Solar System Installation

Customer Segment: Residential up to 30 KW ON Grid only

Harnessing solar power requires expert installation, and at Heelion Power Solutions, we specialize in installing solar systems that maximize energy generation while meeting your unique needs.

Site Evaluation: Our process begins with a comprehensive site evaluation to determine the optimal placement and orientation of solar panels for maximum sun exposure.

Custom Design: We design a solar system tailored to your specific energy requirements and the unique characteristics of your site. This ensures you get the most efficient, cost-effective solution.

Professional Installation: Our experienced team handles the installation, ensuring each component, from panels to inverters, is set up correctly for optimal performance and longevity.

Commissioning and Testing: Once installed, we commission and test the system to ensure it’s working as intended and ready to start generating clean, renewable energy.

Through our efficient and professional solar system installation, Heelion Power Solutions empowers you to tap into the sun’s energy, reducing your carbon footprint while also saving on your energy bills.

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UPS battery installation service in Kochi Ernakulam

Powering Your Operations with Top-Notch Batteries

Customer Segment: Commercial and Residential (SMF and Tubular)

In an era where continuous operations are crucial, reliable power backup becomes a necessity. At Heelion Power Solutions, we offer high-quality batteries from trusted brands like Exide and Amaron’s Quanta to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Exide Batteries: Known for their reliability and longevity, Exide’s batteries are a staple in our power backup solutions. They deliver dependable performance and provide a vital power source during interruptions, ensuring your operations are never compromised.

Quanta from Amaron: We choose Quanta batteries for their robust design and high performance. These Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) and Tubular batteries offer superior energy storage solutions, keeping your systems powered and productive.

Both Exide and Quanta batteries are designed to cater to a variety of power needs, from small-scale residential needs to large-scale industrial applications. They offer efficient power storage and seamless energy delivery when you need it most.

Trust in Heelion Power Solutions for your power backup needs. With batteries from Exide and Quanta, we ensure your operations remain uninterrupted and your success unstoppable.


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Heelion Power Solutions Online UPS Manufacturer Ernakulam

Heelion Make UPS

Customer Segment: Hospitals, IT Companies, Theaters, Industries, Printing, Media, Schools, Colleges, Labs, etc…

When it comes to power continuity, Heelion Power Solutions is proud to introduce our own brand of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units.

Heelion UPS: Designed with advanced technologies, our UPS units provide an immediate, no-break power supply in the event of a mains failure. This ensures your operations continue seamlessly, without any disruption or data loss.

Efficient Design: Our UPS systems come in various capacities to suit different power needs. Each is designed for maximum efficiency, providing reliable power while minimizing energy consumption.

Built for Durability: Crafted with high-quality components, Heelion UPS units are built to last. They withstand harsh conditions and prolonged use, offering you an enduring solution to power instability.

With Heelion’s UPS systems, you can rest assured that your operations are protected from power interruptions, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what matters most – your business’s growth and success.

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At Heelion Power Solutions, we take pride in being your comprehensive partner for power management. No matter the scale or complexity of your needs, our team of experienced professionals is ready to provide custom solutions, unparalleled support, and future-focused innovation. Our services are designed to power your growth while contributing to a more sustainable future. Let’s create a brighter, more efficient future together.

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